Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Back to Basics

      A shout out for Mayor Morrisey from Rockford IL for thinking outside of the box in the employment situation in our country. The statement that stands out the most to me is something that I have always believed..."we need to save ourselves, it's not going to be the state of the federal government, it's going to be what we can do as a community." Creating avenues of entrepreneurship is rebuilding the base once again. It is how we started, small businesses offering custom items to the consumer. Face to face interaction with the manufacturer, the seller, and the buyer.
     There are so many skilled artisans, skilled craftsmen, out there. The span is from clothing to accessories to electronics to furniture to art to food. Just about anything we might need. Etsy and others like Etsy, have given them a chance to believe in what they do and show them they can make a difference in their lives. They can be a cog in the wheel of revitalizing our communities and our economy. They can actually make a decent living doing what they love, what makes them happy. Mothers can stay at home and raise their children and still provide income. Dads can watch their children grow and still provide income. Young people can learn early that they can provide their own destinies.
     So hurray for Mayor Morrisey for recognizing that with a little help, a quiet whisper can become a loud voice. Please click on the link to watch the video.

Make a loud noise.

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