Thursday, March 21, 2013

Getting Back to Basics

      A shout out for Mayor Morrisey from Rockford IL for thinking outside of the box in the employment situation in our country. The statement that stands out the most to me is something that I have always believed..."we need to save ourselves, it's not going to be the state of the federal government, it's going to be what we can do as a community." Creating avenues of entrepreneurship is rebuilding the base once again. It is how we started, small businesses offering custom items to the consumer. Face to face interaction with the manufacturer, the seller, and the buyer.
     There are so many skilled artisans, skilled craftsmen, out there. The span is from clothing to accessories to electronics to furniture to art to food. Just about anything we might need. Etsy and others like Etsy, have given them a chance to believe in what they do and show them they can make a difference in their lives. They can be a cog in the wheel of revitalizing our communities and our economy. They can actually make a decent living doing what they love, what makes them happy. Mothers can stay at home and raise their children and still provide income. Dads can watch their children grow and still provide income. Young people can learn early that they can provide their own destinies.
     So hurray for Mayor Morrisey for recognizing that with a little help, a quiet whisper can become a loud voice. Please click on the link to watch the video.

Make a loud noise.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Road Blocks, Sharp Curves, Stumbling Blocks


     So many times in life we think we have finally found a path to our happiness or our success. Sometimes the path isn't straight and sometimes it branches off. We either take those branches and give them a try or we stay true to the course. Many times taking that side route is a bonus and you are blessed with new adventures or new enlightenments. Sometimes it is the wrong direction and we have to find our way back to the straight path again. Which is just fine. Then there are those times that there is a bump in the road, a rock or maybe even a mountain blocking your way. Those are the times that are the hardest. We have to stop for a moment. This is when we question our way, question ourselves and ask why. That voice inside that told you this was the right path is still there, but tiny now. It won't let go, than goodness, but the bigger voice is doubt and confusion and maybe sadness. We need to acknowledge that bigger voice. Let it be heard. It is really ok, because it will make you take stock in where you have been and where you want to be. The secret is not to let the voice be too loud for too long. If you do, soon it will be the only voice you hear and you will become stagnant. You will loose your drive, your motivation. Your enthusiasm will wane and sadness will take over. Then you have truly lost your way. If you truly believe in what you are doing, what path your are on; then find a way to move that rock or go around that mountain. It might take a lot of work and maybe some creative ingenuity. And you might have to take a side road for a little while. But, stay firm and keep believing that you will continue on and not let the bigger voice lay roots.
     I am on the side road right now. I have happily become the caretaker to my elderly dad. My days are filled with making sure he is happy and comfortable. It just seems right that I had him first, because I was the first born and now I get him in his last days. It is a blessing. It has been an adjustment for both of us, but things are getting into somewhat of a routine.
     This side road isn't without its obstacles. When I doubt and question I am answered quickly with hints and signs that I am still heading in the right direction. I still believe in Simply Rebecca Studios. I know it will be successful and will make me happy thru the rest of my life. I just have to accept that I need to do things a little differently and a little slower maybe. But, I can still sew and I can still create and I can still make my clients happy. And I need to remind myself that this is a temporary fork in the road that will lead me back to the main path once again.
     This morning I was happy to find two of these "signs' waiting for me on my Facebook page. I want to share them with you, because they might just be what one or two of you need this morning as well. Remember, if you truly believe in what you are doing, then keep fighting for it. It is difficult because it is worth it. And keep your eyes open for the signs or hints that you are doing ok, that this is the right path.
Wishing you a fabulous day.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making Beds

     Hello everyone. I am sorry I have been away. Life got a little busy taking care of my Dad and keeping up with client projects. I hope you all have been well. We are looking forward to Spring here. The winter has been easy on us, giving us more grass than snow. But, it has been a long term tease, wishing we could dig up some dirt to plant some flowers. I have been making lots of plans for vegetable gardens and flower gardens and even some flowering trees. I even made some mental notes on making a stone patio off the cellar door into the back yard, giving us another place to sit in the sunshine. Pinterest is to blame with all those wonderful pictures of cottage gardens. Your wish list tends go grow. We will take it little by little, one step at a time and see what happens.

     I wanted to post pictures of my latest completed project for my doll client. I love to make pillows and bedding, so I get excited when I can make them in miniature. This is an antique Victorian doll bed that has been re stained and gold trimmed. I made the mattress, eyelet trimmed sheet, eyelet trimmed pillowcase and pillow, the flowered coverlet with eyelet trim and the flowered sham. The throw pillow is my favorite piece. It is made from an antique embroidered tea towel. I love the way it came out so much that I am anxious to pull out more of my vintage linens to make full size pillows for the Etsy shop.
Remember, we are all talented. Yes, you too! You just need to find what stirs your soul and makes your heart sing. When you find it, give it all you have and it will fill your days with joy.
                                             Lots of Love,