Sunday, March 10, 2013

Making Beds

     Hello everyone. I am sorry I have been away. Life got a little busy taking care of my Dad and keeping up with client projects. I hope you all have been well. We are looking forward to Spring here. The winter has been easy on us, giving us more grass than snow. But, it has been a long term tease, wishing we could dig up some dirt to plant some flowers. I have been making lots of plans for vegetable gardens and flower gardens and even some flowering trees. I even made some mental notes on making a stone patio off the cellar door into the back yard, giving us another place to sit in the sunshine. Pinterest is to blame with all those wonderful pictures of cottage gardens. Your wish list tends go grow. We will take it little by little, one step at a time and see what happens.

     I wanted to post pictures of my latest completed project for my doll client. I love to make pillows and bedding, so I get excited when I can make them in miniature. This is an antique Victorian doll bed that has been re stained and gold trimmed. I made the mattress, eyelet trimmed sheet, eyelet trimmed pillowcase and pillow, the flowered coverlet with eyelet trim and the flowered sham. The throw pillow is my favorite piece. It is made from an antique embroidered tea towel. I love the way it came out so much that I am anxious to pull out more of my vintage linens to make full size pillows for the Etsy shop.
Remember, we are all talented. Yes, you too! You just need to find what stirs your soul and makes your heart sing. When you find it, give it all you have and it will fill your days with joy.
                                             Lots of Love,


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