Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Little Bohemian/Gypsy Love

     December has come and the countdown to Christmas has begun. I am anxious to deck the house in all it's holiday glory. One of the greatest pleasures to my soul is to sit on the couch in the dark with only the small lights of the Christmas tree on and a mug of hot chocolate in my hand. Just listening to the silence and letting my mind and body rest. 

     Our pop up shop in the mall is looking fabulous. Everyone that steps inside has great things to say. The foot traffic isn't where we wish it was, but the marketing budget was small, seeing how this was our first attempt. We are learning as we go for next year. 
     I have been busy at the sewing machine, creating and cutting and stitching. So many ideas keep popping into my head that I have to force myself to stay focused on finishing what is started. As with most creative beings I have many many uncompleted projects tucked away in totes and boxes. So while I am searching for that buckle or that applique, I am finding all of those unfinished projects. Once found they beckon to me to pull them out and work on them. Again I have to stay strong to my task. 

     However I did come across these little gems that were completed but waiting for that certain something to make them wonderful. They were created when it was popular to wear a fabulous tiny bag diagonally across your body as an accessory. As I looked at them the other day I thought they would make great holders for a gift card. So many prefer to purchase gift cards these days and it just never seems spectacular enough. An unusual container of some sort makes it just that much better. And that is when the gypsy song inside me began to sing. I pulled out my tassel trimmings box and got to work. This is the result. The bags are so very Bohemian. I absolutely love them. I delivered them to the shop this morning. I hope that there are others that think they are just as marvelous as I do. 
     We are down to just 19 more days. Such a short period of time. I don't know how much more I should make at this point. Sales aren't where I wish they were, making uncertain of what to do. I am not worried about the stock that is left after Christmas, as it will all go into the two Etsy shops I have; Victorian Seamstress and Simply Rebecca Studios. It will all sell eventually, so nothing is lost but time. I will pack up the holiday things and save them for next year. I won't lie, I am a bit disappointed. Not discouraged, but disappointed. There are many reasons for the low sales and I have made note of them so that next year will be much better. The biggest one is product. Because this adventure was presented to me just a month before opening, I didn't have time for a clear thought process. Therefore my product was not right for this venue. I will give much more thought the next time. The other issue is price point and except for the occasional promotion during the season, I will not lower my prices just to sell something. My prices are fair and to not make any money on an item defeats the purpose of a business. I have a file folder filled with notes and I will continue to fine tune things. I love this concept of the pop up shop of local businesses. We are a very talented group of men and women and we mesh quite well. I certainly plan on doing this the next time. No doubt about it. 
     I hope each of you is taking time to enjoy a few special moments here and there. Please don't let the hustle and bustle and stress consume you. There is so much wonder that should not be missed. The smile on your child's face as they see the trees light up. The crunch of the snow as you walk in the sunshine after a storm. The music..there is music everywhere now. The pretty packages with ribbons and bows. The smell of the fresh greens that deck your doors and windows. The smell of cookies baking in the oven. The greetings of friends and neighbors. The deer that wanders into your yard, nibbling on the grass as it passes through. So much to see, hear and feel. Don't miss out on it.
     You are all special to me. Thank you for following Simply Rebecca Studios. 


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