Saturday, January 12, 2013

Outside The Comfort Zone


Good morning,
   It is funny how different my client projects can be. I have two on the table right now, alterations on a beaded wedding dress and a complete outfit for a 16 inch boy doll. They are very different, but both require attention to details and both have no room for error.
   It is so easy to do the simple things, the things you are comfortable with. We don't hesitate to jump on those projects and complete them in no time. But when we are challenged, we tend to hesitate. We can question our abilities, or our skills; when we know for certain that we are good at what we do. We tend to procrastinate on getting started on the hard tasks, making them even harder by shortening the deadlines. The mind can be a terrible thing. It holds us back, makes us question, makes us afraid.
   We can be our worse enemy. We turn to others for reassurance and confirmation. Don't do that! Be strong, be sure. You are fabulous and you can do anything. No matter what you struggle with, you can get past it and find success, whether it is baking a beautiful cake, or making that untested fancy meal, or making a gorgeous gown, or planting your first flower, or building your first birdhouse. Whether it is writing a book or journal, or teaching a child, or making that first speech, or climbing that hill. You can do it, don't hesitate. The days are too short to waste them questioning and saying "what if". Take that first step and say instead "what now". The sense of accomplishment when a task is completed is a wonderful drug. It courses through your body like sunshine. A smile comes to your face and your eyes light up. Your body even stands straighter.Even if no one is looking, you will know. And you will feel good.
   Afraid of jumping off the cliff? Then take a little step, just a tiny one. Even that will be success and it will lead to many more I assure you. Don't be afraid to step outside that comfort circle. Break it open and turn it into a straight line. A line that heads off into infinite possibilities. I believe in you, now believe in yourself.
   Wishing you all a fabulous and successful day.



  1. Love, love, love this post..

    1. Just checking in with you HW to see if you have been fabulous and taken a trip outside the comfort zone lately. The pieces I was working on when I wrote this post were completed and delivered to the clients. They came out wonderful, as most times they do. I don't know why I worry so much. Thank you for following Simply Rebecca Studios and for sharing your thoughts with me.