Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

14 inch envelope style pillow with red crochet trim edging

Good morning everyone,
    I worked in retail management for many many years. One thing that you notice in retail is that you are always 2 seasons ahead. I'm not sure about being 2 seasons ahead, but I know for sure in business you need to be at least one season ahead. This is something I continue to struggle with. I want to buy my bathing suit when it is hot out, not in January. And I want to buy a coat when the cold sets in, not in July. But, I do know why things are done this way, and it is because you are suppose to be prepared. Preplanning is what it is all about, so that you are ready for when the cold strikes or the beach trip comes around.
    This is a year of changes for me and my business. So, when all the Christmas projects were done, I started right away on Valentine's Day. I was on a roll. I was so proud of myself. Here you will see the accomplishments waiting to have their finishing touches. Sadly I put them down to work on customer projects and here they sit. A look at the calendar says I am not ahead anymore for Valentine's day. In fact I am coming close to being behind. But, I am much better than I use to be and that is progress. Progress is a good thing. One day I will be right on target.
   Please enjoy my works in progress. All of them will be for sale in the Etsy shop soon. If you see something you like let me know, I will put your name on it.

  20 inch envelope style pillow with red piping edges

45 x 15 inch table runner with red print backing

38 x 12 inch table runner with red print backing and red piping edes


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