Saturday, January 5, 2013

Problems, Dilemas, Glitches, and Solutions

   Good morning and thank you for taking a moment out of your busy life to sit down with me. I know I love my moments reading the blogs that I follow. I think of them as my daily magazines where I can dream and slip into my creative space. I hope that I can do that for you here.
   I wanted to share pictures of my latest project, but I seem to be having trouble with photos in bloggerland. However, I can tell you about it. I am still working on my doll client's things. I had three to complete for the next appointment. Yesterday I finished a 6 inch girl doll made of china with long braids and painted boots. The dress I made was blue organza with a circle skirt. As those of you that sew know, organza can be tricky to work with. Now imagine working with it in miniature. I did end up doing half of my sewing by hand, as I had more control with the edges in the real tight areas. I finished the dress and was quite pleased with the outcome. But, when I put the whole outfit together, dress, antique petticoat, and panties that I had made; the dress no longer fit around the waist. There were just too many layers. Without the option of recutting the dress pieces, I decided to put the project down and walk away. Sometimes that is the only solution. I slept on the dilema, and the next day stared at the dress for a while. I finally resolved to tearing it apart and put the skirt and bodice back together. This time I lowered the waist line a little and voila it worked. Because the skirt was a circle, lowering the seam line gave me just enough more material to make the waist bigger. Easy solution. Now everything fits just fine.
   So many times in life we are faced with problems and dilemas. It is natural to want to find a quick fix or a short cut. In truth, the best solutions come when we begin again and take the longer path. The solution is stronger and cleaner when we do; and we are much more satisfied with the outcome. Then we can move onto to something new.
   I hope your day is filled with lots of good things and fewer dilemas. Please take the time to smile, it feeds the soul.


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