Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Happy Customer

    Well hello there. I have missed you all. I hope your days have been filled with creative thoughts and lots of smiles. We are sitting here waiting for a big winter storm in the Northeast. It looks like it will be the first big one of the year. Not too bad a winter that is for sure. Even though it is just February, my thoughts are to Spring, because I know it is just around the corner. The days are a little bit longer now, with daylight still peeking through until 5:45. Every day will get better and better. It is time to start the seedlings. I have decided to start tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, then a bunch of flowers this year. I also want to just toss packets of all kinds of flowers into an area in the yard and see what it brings. I love surprises, don't you?
     I wanted to share with you pictures of the little 18 inch boy doll I dressed for a customer. He has a white cotton underwear romper, then his antique cotton short sleeve shirt with the antique lace panel. His knickers are dark navy wool, actually from a piece of old Navy pants. The eton jacket is wool and lined with taffeta. And the cap is the same Navy wool and lined with taffeta. The woman I sew for will make him some knee high socks and red leather shoes. Then it will be given to the customer. I always worry as to how things will come out and then I'm so pleased at the end. She was quite happy herself.
    A Victorian Eastlake doll bed that needs bedding is the next project on the table. Then there are two customer requests in the discussion stage. I have been thinking through new ideas and making some choices in how I see my business. I will be excited to share everything with you as it all progresses.
     Here are a couple pictures of my little boy doll. (He should have a name, don't you think? ) Have a fabulous day and be sure to tell someone you love them.

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