Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shop 607

     The days are clicking past so quickly. The hillside is covered in that golden hue as Autumn finds its way into our area. The gardens are winding down and the mornings are cool and crisp. I have thoughts of warm apple cider and apple pies. A new season is surely upon us. 
     I have been very busy getting product made for my participation in the holiday pop up shop at our local mall. I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity to take my business to a new level. My fingers and toes are crossed for great success. My first month's rent has been paid. My new logo has been designed. Tomorrow I will order my new fabric labels and hang tags. 
     It has been difficult, as always for me, to narrow my ideas down to a few main focal points. My mind always tends to stray with visions of possibilities dancing in my head. I believe I have chosen a good variety to showcase my talents and abilities. There will be three main groupings; my closet accessories, my decorative pillows, and sleepwear. I want to have several price point options so I might add several styles of aprons. And I want to bring in the holiday theme so there will be Christmas stockings. I know that is a lot on my plate. But, believe me, it really did take a lot of self control to narrow it down to even this list. My sewing machine will be purring away day and night. I will share the progress with you as the days move along.
     Be sure to take time today to tell someone you love them. A warm deep hug can change someones life.


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